To Install Supportworks and Crystal reports separately

The Supportworks installer here is setup to make sure that Crystal Reports is installed on your system first. If that aspect of the installation is causing troubles or if you're getting errors in the app related to Crystal Reports, it may help to install Crystal Reports and Supportworks separately.

Installing Crystal Reports

Try installing Crystal Reports separately. Click here to download the installer for Crystal Reports

Once installed, try launching Supportworks again

Installing Supportworks

A standalone installer of Supportworks (without the Crystal Reports prerequisite) can be found here

If after installing, you see an error with 'wyupdate'

  • Close out of the Supportworks program
  • Open the file explorer (click the icon on the bottom of the screen that looks like a manila folder)
  • Click on "This PC" then
  • Click on the "c:" drive to open it
  • Click on the folder "ProgramData"
  • If you do not see the "ProgramData" folder click on VIEW on the menu bar on the top of the window
  • Then click on the box in front of "Hidden Items" to put a check in the box
  • You should now be able to see the "ProgramData" folder
  • Click on the "ProgramData" Folder to go into it
  • Click on the folder "Supportworks60" to go into it
  • Click on the next folder "Supportworks60" to go into it
  • Click on the folder "" to go into it
  • Right Click on the folder "Data" then left click on "Properties"
  • Left click on "Security"

CREATOR/OWNER should be selected on the top box; look in the lower box and see if there are check marks below "ALLOW" - if not, click the edit button located between the two boxes and then put in the check marks.

Select USERS in the top box and repeat the process to put check marks under "ALLOW"

Then click ALLOW and then OK

Re start the Supportworks program

If you get a message that there is an update available - activate it.
The first time the program runs, it performs a number of background set-up operations so give it several minutes to complete them (time varies based upon the computer).

You can uncheck the "Hide" files button if you want to return the system to its prior state.