THE Child Support Worksheet Program

This is THE Ohio Child Support Guideline Worksheet Software that was developed by an attorney for use by attorneys, child support agencies and the courts in Ohio. This is the program that is used on the bench as the authoritative Child Support Worksheet program by many Domestic Relations Courts, Juvenile Courts and Child Support Enforcement Agencies around Ohio. This program is current (as of January 1, 2023) with all Ohio statutory provisions and applicable Federal Tax law provisions. It includes all the changes required by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services worksheet as mandated by Ohio Revised Code §3119.022, as well as the tax law changes resulting from The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, Pub. L. No. 117-2, pp.156-158 (2021). The program is revised whenever federal or state statutory changes modify the calculation process.

Supportworks© is a Windows compatible program which calculates child support obligations pursuant to the Ohio Child Support Guidelines. This program automatically develops a sole custody worksheet or a split custody based upon the number of children of the order that are residing with each parent and allows you to print out your choice of a one-page summary sheet, the agency-mandated worksheet (or both). The program allows you to set a default entry of the jurisdiction and the preparer, so that they are automatically entered for you on each subsequent worksheet - but lets you change the default entry for an individual worksheet whenever you need to. It also automatically inputs the minimum wage for the State of Ohio, factors the health insurance expenses, applies the 10% adjustment when there is more than 90 overnights, applies the applicable limits to child care expenses based upon the age of the child and the child care tax credit schedules. The program allows for input of most values as a yearly, monthly, semi-monthly, biweekly, or weekly amounts without the necessity of a separate calculator. The program accurately calculates the monthly child support obligation and cash medical support obligation. The program also provides a separate analysis of the support obligations as an annual, monthly or weekly amount.

Deviations to the child support calculations may be readily inserted into the worksheet where appropriate. Deviations may be assigned to multiple statutory deviation factors, as appropriate.

Many attorneys and court personnel who have tried other support calculation programs agree that Supportworks© is the easiest to use of the support calculation programs available. We provide you with support for your use of the program with regard to both your questions about the program itself as well as its application under Ohio law.

Try the program used by most Courts and attorneys for yourself - and only buy it once you are satisfied that it is the best for you! Attorneys, Courts and Support Agencies may test out the program free for 60 days without obligation. Request your trial copy of the program now!

The trial program will allow you to install the fully featured program and run it for a 60 day trial period. Pricing information is available online at ordering information and is also included on the program at the "Software Order Form" heading on the initial screen of the program. To show our appreciation to our users of their support for our program, we have consistently provided a discount whenever there has been a revision of the software to meet a change in the Child Support laws.

To continue using the program after the 60 day trial period, you must send in your order and receive a Registration Key for your computer prior to the end of the trial period. Please do not wait until the last day to try and get registered.

Brian S. Piper
Piper Software Productions

Purchase information about the Supportworks ©Child Support Worksheet Program can also be obtained by calling Piper Software Productions, Inc. at: 614.895.5500 .

If you are having difficulty with your Supportworks© program please check the frequently asked questions for assistance.

This program will operate on any of the following platforms: Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.